Guess Who’s Back? Eminem Relapse Sample Sources

Eminem Relapse
This week marks the big return of Eminem with the release of his 6th studio album, Relapse. It took the man over 4 years to release new material and after a long and troubled period in his life he has come back with what is arguably his darkest and most sinister album yet. While you may or may not like his style, flow and lyrics, it’s hard not to agree that his music has been blessed with the very highest in hip-hop production values, all conducted by the mighty Dr. Dre. It’s always thrilling to check out Dre’s productions, and for us sample spotters to find out what has influenced and served as the basis of the new tunes.

We didn’t have to wait long before our amazing community came up with the goods: so far 5 samples have been spotted, and the choice of originals is definitely quite surprising. In no particular order, here they are:

1. Crack a Bottle samples Mike Brant’s Mais Dans La Lumière (1970) – This collaboration with Dr. Dre and 50 Cent samples an over-the-top French crooner chanson [contributed by Smokey]

2. We Made You samples Walter Egan’s Hot Summer Nights (1978) – A forgotten rock musician who is now a high school substitute teacher according to Wikipedia, how cool is that for the students?! Please also note the vocals on the Eminem tune are somewhat closer to a cover version by the band Night: [contributed by Shinj]

3. Beautiful samples Queen & Paul Rodgers’s Reaching Out (2005) – A surprising sample of a live performance by Queen in their post-Freddie Mercury era. The original song was some sort of a charity release by Brian May and Paul Rodgers with some guests under the name “Rock Therapy” [contributed by Shinj]

4. Insane samples Skinny Boys’s Jockbox (1986) – Taking it back to the old skool, a lyrical reference to this Skinny Boys hip-hop classic [contributed by Shinj]

5. Same Song & Dance samples Metallica’s One (1988) – The guitar riff is pretty much lifted off the song that broke Metallica into the mainsteam [contributed by bari13]

Many thanks to the contributors and moderators who make all of this possible. If you spotted more samples off this album, or any other album for that matter, please submit them and they will be added to the site. Keep on spottin’!


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